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The best spots in Chicago suburbs for family photos

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Top 6 Locations for your Family Photo Session

1. Lake Katherine | Palos Heights, IL

A personal favorite of mine because of the diverse scenery. Lake, trees, tall grass, waterfalls, flower garden and so much greenery. As a bonus the sun sets right over the lake for a beautiful backdrop.

2. Hickory Creek Preserve | Mokena, IL

Beautiful preserves with different colors all year long, plenty of room for kids to run around and that glow sunset light hits just right!

3. Indiana Dunes Beach | Portage, IN

Beautiful sunsets right over the lake, kids love running in the sand and splashing around at the end. The sunshine is gorgeous and you will feel like your on vacation!

5. Your own home

What is better than your own home to really capture YOU. Play, have fun, bake cookies, just be you while I document those memories for you.

6. A Local Studio

Perfect for those cold winter months!

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