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Photo Session Styling

Figuring out what to wear for your photo session is always the most dreaded part, so I am here to make it as easy as possible! I have included lists of "Do's" and "Do Nots", easy Amazon links, favorite shops, and outfit inspiration! 

  • Please DO steam or iron your clothes! Make sure there's no wrinkles

  • Try your outfits on prior to your shoot to make sure everything fits

  • Dress mom first then coordinate everyone's outfits around that

  • Use bloomers or diaper covers for little girls in dresses

The Do's

The Do Nots

Figuring out everything you need to do to have the perfect outfits is exhausting, here are a few simple things to avoid so everyones outfits coordinate well!​

  1. Bright & neon colors-Instead opt for neutrals, earthy, deep colors

  2. Baggy clothes- instead accentuate, think dresses that cinch at the waist

  3. Large logos- very distracting

  4. Mixing similar patterns- 1 person in pattern is perfect, 4 people in flannels is a no-no (I have evidence of my own family in all matching red flannels, very cringey)

  5. Gym shoes/tennis shoes- don't wear gym shoes if your wife is wearing a long dress

  6. Matching colors-Try to choose 2-4 colors that coordinate (I will post links in examples below)

  7. Visible diapers/undergarments-utilize bloomers or leggings

  8. Matching denim-Limit jeans to 1 person

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