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Cillian Fresh 48 | Oak Lawn, IL Fresh 48 Photographer

Fresh 48 photography documents the incredibly special time within the first two days after a baby's birth. Unlike traditional newborn sessions, which may take place weeks after birth, fresh 48 sessions capture the newborn and their family in an uncontrived, natural state. This style embraces the rawness, vulnerability, and wonder that surround the early moments of life, resulting in candid and heartwarming images.

Fresh 48 photography highlights the tiny details that make each newborn unique. From their wrinkled fingers and toes to the soft wisps of hair, each element is lovingly captured with an artistic eye. These images beautifully freeze time, allowing parents to cherish the minuscule features that will grow and change all too quickly. It captures the awe-stricken looks of parents as they gaze at their newborn, the gentle touches, and the overflowing love that permeates the room. These candid moments reflect the immense bond between family members and preserve the genuine emotions experienced during this profound time of transition.

Fresh 48 sessions take place in the hospital room, within the familiar surroundings where the baby took their first breaths. These images provide a poignant reminder of the place where parents welcomed their child and the poignant memories created during their stay. The setting becomes an integral part of the story, adding depth and context to the photographs.

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